Sweet Tea Blowout Sale

It’s summer and y’all know what that means. Bring on the heat! Bring on the fun! Bring on the tea! Miss Robbie’s Sweetie Pies Sweet Tea is going fast, so get yours while the gettin’s good. Now only $14.99 for a twelve pack, you can be sure this supply won’t be stickin’ around. Get yours today and beat the heat!

Sweet Tea Blowout Sale





Shipping and tax not included in advertised price.

Sweetie Pie’s Sweet Tea Officially Launched at Schnuck Markets!

We’re very¬†excited to have our Sweetie Pie’s Sweet Tea at the Schnuck Markets. It’s been selling for a little over a month and we’ve received great responses! It’s available in over 80 locations across Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. We’re excited to expand into other stores around the country soon, but until that point all of you Schnucks goers can enjoy the delicious all-natural sweet tea that Miss Robbie has spent decades perfecting! You can check out the Schnuck’s Press Release here:

Schnucks Welcomes Sweetie Pie’s Sweet Tea to Store Shelves

Wear Some Soul on Your Sleeve!

Looking to inject some soul into your wardrobe this summer? Sweetie Pie’s has been serving up the best soul food this side of the Mississippi for over 16 years. Now, we’re bringing you another way to enjoy Sweetie Pie’s soul — new merchandise!

Visit our Sweetie Pie’s Shop to take a look at some of the new t-shirts in our online store. And keep coming back — soon, we’ll have hats, mugs and more!

If you’re looking to share the some of Miss Robbie’s soul this summer, snag a few of our signature shirts. We’d love to see you wearing one at the restaurant!

What’s your favorite new shirt in the store? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for more merchandise and additional details about what’s going on down at Sweetie Pie’s!

-The Sweetie Pie’s Family